Road and rail infrastructure commonly traverse steep and unstable terrain in many regions of the US and the world. Areas where instability of steep slopes threaten infrastructure, such as road and rail networks, must be closely monitored. Yet these sites are often dangerous, remote, and pose difficult viewing angles. 
Once a slope failure affecting infrastructure occurs, the resulting change in landform must be assessed to determine whether further movement is likely to occur, and to plan rebuilding and mitigation operations.

Hawk Aerial can map and create 3D models of unstable terrain both before and after a failure event. Our terrain-following flight planning, in concert with cutting-edge equipment, allows us to capture data at very high resolutions, driving incredibly accurate results. 
These maps and models provide powerful intelligence for engineers, geologists, and equipment operators - and enable installation of 24-hour precision slope-monitoring systems, such as IDS GeoRadar's IBIS-FL interferometric radar - which can reduce the time taken to survey and characterize a landslide zone in a few days, allowing reconstruction work to proceed in a fraction of the time previously required.


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